OPTIMATE as a Hospitality holding company plans to:

  • Be the leading Persian Travel & Tourism all-segment Software House (market share, growth, profitability)
  • Become a relevant Travel & Tourism software player in the Middle East, Caspian and West Asia.
  • Be a relevant participant in the ERP and Online Travel markets in Iran.


What OPTIMATE doing in order to achieve this vision:

  • Develop mid-level to advanced software, user friendly and modern-looking.
  • B2B and B2C, that advances performances in organizations, providing them with critical competitive advantages.
  • Compete B2C in underserved Travel and Tourism markets.



How we operate:

  • Serving customers’ and associates’ genuine aspirations and needs.
  • Enhancing branding, innovation and value adding, reliable and high-performance software.
  • Evolving organically, by acquisitions, new business ventures and management.
  • Delivering value to stakeholders above market peers.


OPTIMATE Proposes:

  • International Standards
  • Cloud-Based, .NET
  • Brand Culture
  • User Friendly + Intuitive Interfaces
  • Management + Tech Training
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Developed for Middle East + West Asia
  • Guarantee of Development + Support
  • Flexibility + Adaptability + Customization
  • Competitive Dynamic Pricing



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